North Atlantic Solutions - Did not do the job he was suppose to do,and suppose to return my money

richie was contracted to put in a full liner in my chimney, he only put in a parchael one and did not pass inspection and never came back to do the job right, suppose to return my money but I have not seen it yet. I received a call from the company and they said they would send me the money as soon as there check cleared.I am sure it does not take a week and half for a check to clear.I am going to report them to the better busniss the co. that recamended to me

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I know where he lives.He lives here in Norwell and promised me he would take care of the property as the "maintenance man" and does nothing.

He gets Harry to do it all and it still isn't done nicely. He is conning a 90yr old woman to let him live here for free and use her car and money.

He has changed the name of his business and is starting to prowl for new prospects to swindle.It should be illegal.

North Atlantic Solutions - Avoid Richie Myers - he's a *** man

Fall River, Massachusetts 1 comment
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Richie Myers contracted to clean and cap chimney - charged $500 -wanted half up front.Came a week later - said he didn't have the parts - would come the next week - never showed- had his "associate" Harry call in response to my call looking for him - but knew it was Richie by his voice and caller ID - said he was hurt - couldn't come.

Refuses to give money back- suddenly knows how to dial the phone, and keeps calling.

Chimney does not even need a cap - is already capped!!He maintains it isn't although you can cleary see it from the street.

His paperwork never gives an address.

Harry seems to be a figure of his imagination.

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I know his address.

North Atlantic Solutions - Contractor did not complete work and caused great property damage

Boston, Massachusetts 0 comments
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North Atlantic Solutions was hired to power wash concrete pool deck and house deck.Was told by them concrete cracks also had to be filled.

They filled with wrong material and cause more damage. Claimed they sealed concrete (unaware they were being observed), but did not. Power Washed approx 1/8 deck tearing out chunks of wood and splintering. did not complete.

Was paid in advance $500. Called saying they wanted an additional $300 to finish their work and "Try" to fix damage. When told no. Was verbally assaulted by them!

Richie (only employee..though he stated having a "Team") call and harass

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